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Cannabis Is
a Superfood

We are on a mission to bring safe, enjoyable and therapeutic medicine to new and experienced cannabis consumers, while simultaneously eliminating the stigma. Cannabis is a superfood, and should be celebrated rather than compartmentalized. We are proud of every ingredient we use and the dependable experiences we create.


Rebecca Nelson

Founder, and CEO

After graduating from Brown University in 2009, I moved out to California to work as a producer for Sony Pictures. I discovered the medicinal benefits of cannabis five years ago from my local medical dispensary. I noticed my head- aches and seizures going away from regular use, but grew tired of inhaling smoke and hated the inconsistency and poor ingredients of edibles. I worked with my childhood friend, Daryn, to source premium cannabis oil and create edibles that were compact, low dose, organic and tasty.

For the past three years, I have used my own products to effectively replace the harsh medications prescribed by my neurologist. As public consumption and dependability were important elements of the product, it became clear that events and group activities were enhanced by my product as well. In June 2017, I decided to leave the corporate world to launch the Budhive – providing my signature products in dispensaries, and using my Event Services to introduce the wellness and euphoria to anyone willing to try among the comfort of friends and supervision of a specialist.

Daryn Shaw

Chief of Product

I blended my Pre-Med education with my passion for chemistry and the culinary arts to create food that heals. For the past 15 years, I’ve been using all super foods, but took a keen interest in cannabis and hemp as active ingredients. About five years ago, I worked with Rebecca to create optimal and dependable Cannabis-infused edibles. I am always researching new and improved ways to accurately emulsify THC and CBD into various recipes.

Although I’ve been working for successful start-ups in Massachusetts for the past 5 years, my passion for cannabis confections has always brought me out to LA, joining Rebecca in catering amazing private events. I will always be investigating new formulations while ensuring the quality and accuracy of every item sold by the Budhive.

Tara Kelly

Social Media and Professional Budtender

I joined the hive as a friend, new user and social media advisor. Months later, I have learned so much about the healing power of cannabis, became a professional budtender and am now eager to continue spreading the knowledge. I had never tried cannabis before this year, but I now use the Budhive’s low-dose edibles to ease my anxiety and help with occasional pain. I’ve also fallen in love with the smart, passionate women in the industry and feel fortunate to have a platform to invite others into the conversation.

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Enjoyable and Therapeutic
Medicine to New and Experienced
Cannabis Consumers

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Giving Back

3 Million Americans
with Epilepsy

Did you know there are 3 Million Americans with epilepsy – that is more than MS, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s combined, yet there are fewer dollars spent on a cure.

Cannabis has proven to be a more effective and safer alternative medicine to the prescriptions, yet there is little to no research because it is a schedule 1 drug.

A portion of our proceeds go to research CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy).

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